About Me

 I have always been a creative person, since a very young age. I loved decorating my room, and I always wanted to be a home decorator. The first crafts I ever dabbled in involved plastic canvas and yarn or cross stitch, because that was what my mom enjoyed doing. When I got a little older, I enjoyed drawing and painting. I painted ceramics, canvas, tree bark, or any other surface I thought could use a little enhancement. I then got into beadwork, making earrings and necklaces. I also learned to make dreamcatchers and mandalas. When I got older, my crafting revolved around the holidays or projects to improve or enhance my home. I love finding creative ways to repurpose old items or use new items in unusual ways. I also love trying new things and learning new crafts.

Growing up I was always the tomboy. My dad had me outside stacking wood for the fireplace as soon as I could walk. When I was a teenager, I was helping him tear down old houses and salvage as much of the wood as possible. We'd pull out the old nails and tacks, stack the planks into piles, then use them for various projects, including building a shed. The rest of the wood that wasn't suitable for other projects got cut up to burn in the stove. My dad was the original reuse and repurpose person. He taught me not to waste anything. 

Since I spent most of my time when I was younger helping my dad, I was never taught how to cook. I would watch my mom prepare meals, and my dad when he got involved. When I became a wife, I taught myself how to cook. I found that I enjoy cooking, especially trying new things. It took me a little while to get comfortable with different methods of cooking, like grilling or using an instant pot, but I enjoy learning new things. The crock pot is my jam. I love being able to throw food into it in the morning and have a lovely meal in the evening with minimal effort. I love throwing ingredients together to make something new or tweaking a recipe a little to fit my taste preferences or to enhance it.

I currently work as a mentor for youth. I have been in this line of work for about 3 years now. I enjoy being in service to others, mentoring and helping them to learn new skills. While this job is very rewarding it can also be very demanding. My hope is to be able to turn this blog into a source of income that will allow me the opportunity to have the flexibility to spend more time with my family. As well as the opportunity to pass down some of my knowledge to my kids and others.

My husband and I recently purchased a home in the heart of Paiute Trail country, in a small town. We were both ready to get away from the craziness of big-city living and be somewhere it's a little more peaceful and quiet. Our daughter recently moved out to start her own adventure. Our son is living at home and working multiple jobs. I'm nearing the second stage of my life as an empty nester, and honestly, I'm not sure how I feel about it. 

My hope is that this blog will be a valuable resource to people looking for a little bit of inspiration and a place where I can share the things I've learned over the years.

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